Welcome to Anontropolis

The Virtual City of Wild and Word.

What is en Watür?

En Watür is a personal growth and connection community for the modern woman.

We have come together to support, challenge, encourage, and ground each other into the creative and practical process of achieving our individual projects or goals.

What Do We Do?

Each week, we come together on a facilitated personal growth discussion topic. We share our thoughts, ideas, and positive experiences with the topic. We explore co-inspiration and co-empowerment. We support each other's greatness.

We provide for each other a positive space of reflection.

What is Our Mission?

Our mission is simple. We intend to provide a collaborative example of conscious women who not only support each other in their daily lives, but also offer the reflection of “every day” visionary success. We are the change in motion. 

En Watür is real-time interaction with women who are living the change they want to be in the world.

We wish for the women who participate with us on all levels to experience the profound clarity, success, satisfaction, and abundance we cultivate and experience ourselves.